Kangaroo Express Of Southern Colorado

Pueblo, CO


Locally owned and operated

since 1992


Guaranteed Courier Service

If you are in need of a delivery, Kangaroo Express can serve as your cartage agency. If you need a last minute or temporary courier service, we are here to help. Have your in-town envelopes or parcels delivered where you need.


Kangaroo can perform pick-ups and deliveries for your service.

Delivery for all necessary documents

Envelope deliveries are no problem for us. We regularly deliver up to 2 tons, and can handle all of your documents. Paperwork and supplies are necessary to keep your business up and running. Allow us to be a part of your success with our cartage service.  


We offer:

- Immediate delivery

- Scheduled routes

- Weekend service

- Statewide service

We offer quotes

Want to get a little more information for our business? We can provide you with a quote for any service that you must utilize. We provide competitive rates for all services.




Company delivery

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Go the Kangaroo Express of Southern Colorado way for quick delivery:

Get the courier service you need with our          

    professional drivers.