Kangaroo Express Of Southern Colorado

Pueblo, CO


Locally owned and operated

since 1992


Fast delivery is what we Guarantee!

When you need to get something out NOW!  Kangaroo Express acts immediately. We call one of our speedy professionals to safely get your envelope or package on it's way promptly!  Give us a call to book our Hot-Shot service to get your items delivered.  We GUARANTEE it!


When it comes to expedited delivery service, choose Kangaroo Express. If anyone can get it there faster it must be illegal!

On the road in 30 minutes

When you call to use our Hot Shot service, we dispatch a driver immediately. All Hot Shot services will have a driver on the road within 30 minutes.


Depend on us for:

- The Kangaroo Guarantee!

- 30 minute Hot-Shot availability

- Competitive rates

- Holiday and weekend service

We deliver throughout the state

Kangaroo Express can deliver from one point to another anywhere in the state. If you need to get speedy delivery anywhere in Colorado, we can take care of this for you immediately.  Kangaroos have been known to hop on over to neighboring states also.  Depending on distance, additional fees may apply.




Speedy service

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Quick delivery

with excellent

customer service:

We deliver small

freight items.