Kangaroo Express Of Southern Colorado

Pueblo, CO


Locally owned and operated

since 1992



Statewide freight shipping

We have been in the delivery business since 1992 and we know the shipping  business !  You can trust  Kangaroo Express to  get your delivery from point A to point B as quickly as possible. We ship freight up to 2 tons, so depend on us for your large and small shipping deliveries.  We  will gladly  provide a customized program designed to meet your business needs.


We work holidays and weekends

We are available on holidays and weekends. If you need a delivery on a Saturday, Kangaroo is here for you. We can provide emergency deliveries on holidays. We have just what you need with our shipping services.

Our deliveries include:

- Holiday and weekend shipping

- Freight up to 2 tons

- Quick deliveries

- Statewide Hot-Shots

Unscheduled is no problem for us

Just realized that you need to get a shipment off? No problem with Kangaroo Express of Southern Colorado. We can take on unscheduled shipments and provide you with the same great service that we do all of our customer deliveries.

Weekends and holidays


2 ton freight

Express service available

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Call for great rates

on shipping!

Schedule your delivery in advance or we will be happy to come to you!